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Old friends? by queensakima19876
Old friends?
It's been so long but, Stiles is super happy to see a friendly and familiar face around. 
Edvard = Mialee-Shaveer 
Stiles and Roland are mine babies. <3
Stiles LP customer app by queensakima19876
Stiles LP customer app


[Name]: Stiles De Ven

[Age]: 19

[Birthday]: Jan. 4th

[Gender]: Male

[Faction]: [Hearts]

[Job]: Gofer

[Pokemon]: #327 Spinda

[Nature]: Quirky

[Moves]: Uproar // Dizzy Punch


+ Peter, his best friend

+ Curly Fries, his true weakness

+ Superheroes

+ Books

+ Coffee

+ Faux Eevee tail, it was a gift after Peter evolved

+ Creative Writing


- Being hungry, especially lack of curly fries

- Long hair on mens, it’s just too much.

- Birds. Just birbs.

- Stuck up, Rude or Snobby people, wealthy or not

- Being Lied to, or manipulated.

- Candy that lies and says its coffee.

- Being asked for money, I ain’t your sugar daddy.


Stiles has always been kind of a strange kid, marching solely to his own drum and dragging along anyone who had the displeasure of becoming his friend. Since meeting his best friend, Stiles has learned to open up and let his inner dork shine, even if it can be a little off putting to some. Stiles enjoys being silly, even immature, but most importantly being true to himself. He tries to be friendly to every person and can even be a little clingy once he considers you his friend. But with his friendship comes a lot of trust and protection. He does anything and everything for the people he cares for and believes them wholeheartedly, making him a bit gullible and easy to tease. While Stiles was raised in a wealthy household, he is very conscious about those who try to befriend him for his family’s wealth and will not hesitate to reject someone if he believe that is what they are seeking, whether they are already his friend or not.

[History]: Stiles was born into the family of two wealth plantation ranch owners, Mr. Richard De Ven, a lopunny, and Mrs. Sally O’Brien De Ven, a spinda. The two only ever had one child, a small spinda son. Stiles, being the only son to two very busy parents, was left to entertain himself as he grew up. Thus he did so with books, both non-fiction and fantasy. Because of this, Stiles had grown to be rather anti-social and didn't play well with other kids in school.

It was not until he was in fifth grade that Stiles had made his first real friend, a boy named Peter whom had just moved to town. But he had never thought that this friendship would grow as strong as it had. It grew stronger as Peter began to stand up for Stiles and helped to bring the young spinda out of anti-social nature. Stiles realized he would never be able to repay this boy, not even with all the money in the world. These boys were going to be friends forever, no matter what; Stiles would make sure of it.

When Stiles was twelve years of age Diederik and Mackenzie, two lopunnies teens, moved into his home. The two were cousins of his that had both lost their parent back when Stiles was only eight. Stiles would only ever hear the adults apologize for the loss to the teens, but this only brought tear to their eyes. It was from then that Stiles had deiced that he was going to do anything to make his cousins smile. Sometimes even pulling Peter into his crazy trouble maker ideas. Sadly Mackenzie and Diederik would fight a lot, this was likely the reason Mackenzie left immediately after she graduated. It was only two more year until Diederik left as well, yet again leaving Stiles alone in the massive home.

A year later Stiles had found were his cousin had run of to, an academy. Stiles made the choice to go to this school as well. Of course this meant Peter, his best bro 5eva was going to be dragged along, luckily Stiles’ parents were willing to pay both of their tuition fees. He made many more friends than he had ever hoped for, while also adding a few more people to his group, The Lost Boys. But the time had come that both the boys had graduate and were free to continue their lives.

It is now that Stiles has just start his college schooling in Lumiose City, and living in a nice apartment with his friend peter, thanks to his parents.

[Additional Information]: 

:bulletred: Stiles is directionally challenged. He’s pretty much always lost unless following someone.

:bulletred: He loves to cook, well… he had to learn because he loves to eat.

:bulletred: Stiles is a pretty big book worm, reading anything he can get his hands on.

:bulletred: But his favorite type of books are comic books.

:bulletred: He’s a rather big superhero fan.

:bulletred: Stiles, like the rest of the De Ven family, don’t share the same ears that their pokemon counterparts have, but they do have the tails.

:bulletred: Stiles is 6 ft even.

:bulletred: His one true weakness is curly fries.

:bulletred: Stiles will forever say that his group of friends are called The Lost Boys, no matter how old they get or how much groaning Peter does.

Roleplayer Info:

[RP Style]: Paragraph or Script works for me

[How to Contact]: Notes and Skype, Just note me with your skype and I’ll add you.

[Timezone]: GMT -08:00

[Availability]: Most days, mid morning til late night. I might not respond right away sometimes, but irl comes first.

1001MN Yan-mei Selcis by queensakima19876
1001MN Yan-mei Selcis
Name: Yan-Mei Selcis
Age: 20
Gender: Female Height: 5’11
Hair-Color: Black
Eye-Color: Light Green
Birth Place: Tairaad
Location:  Mahsahd in Tairaad
Occupation: Priestess in training
Elements: Healing & Curse

Weapon: A Khopesh given to her by her father. It is only used when she feels that she is in danger. 

Singing - Yan-mei mostly sings religious hymns and childhood melodies.
Gardening - Yan-mei has studied gardening from her mother, learning various helpful and harmful plants. 
Medical/First aid - Along with years of learning the properties of plants, Yan-mei has been studying how to apply their healing properties to people. 

Khopesh Trained - Even as a priestess, Yan-mei knew she had to learn to protect herself and studied how to use her father’s Khopesh.
Minor Healing - When Yan-mei discovered her healing abilities, she immediately offered her skills to the people of her area. Healings small wounds such as scratches, small blade wounds, bruising and minor muscle pain. This process is accompanied by her soothing chants.
Blessed resistance - For a short period of time Yan-mei can bless a target. This blessing gives the target resistance to sickness for a day or two. This is a combination of her curse and healing elements.

Yan-mei was raised to follow in the footsteps of her mother. She had to learn to be mature, responsible, caring and forgiving at her core. Hardworking and eager to please her parents, Yan-mei learned to be passive and humble when it came to praise or harsh criticism. With people outside her family, she can be a bit hesitant to trust but is still friendly and polite. She does her best to be understanding and flexible with people, but she doesn't like to be taken for granted. She is stern and makes sure to give people the most honest of answers, even at the expense of hurting their feelings, to help them.

Yan-mei’s family has a long tradition of becoming a Priest or Priestess under religion of The Goddess. Her mother before her is a priestess and her father was previously her mother’s hired guard. When Yan-mei was born, her parents were traveling back to their home in Mahsahd, but did not return in time for the birth. Instead Yan-mei was born outside the ruined city of M’daleh, the old kingdom that was rumored to be cursed or haunted. Having survived the trip back home, Yan-mei grew up a normal child. She would play with the other children and explore the island. 
However when she turned ten, Yan-mei had to put aside her childish behavior and begin her training as a priestess. She began to study medicine and herbs along with proper hymns and chants. She had to learn the history of Tairaad and Magic. Something most children would find boring, Yan-mei found much joy in. It brought her closer to her mother and to magic. One of their ancestors, many years before Yan-mei, was blessed to be a Magician, but the family hadn't seen another magician until now. 
It wasn't until her father returned home from a trip in terrible condition that she learned of her magic. In fear that he would die from his wounds, Yan-mei prayed and willed the wounds to heal. Her fingertips began to glow and to the surprise of her and everyone who witnessed the twelve year old child, Yan-mei healed a few of the wounds. But doing it caused her to faint from exhaustion. When she awoke, she was greeted with news of her father’s condition and how she had saved him. It was from here on that Yan-mei became known in her town as a healer and she attempted to help everyone she could before growing exhausted. But in fear that something would happen to her, her father began to train her how to defend herself from hostile people with his khopesh. 
Life seemed peaceful for the most part as Yan-mei grew up, continuing to balance both her priestess duties and her defense training. But in Yan-mei’s heart she felt like there was something more for her to see outside this ever shrinking island. Her parents and her often discussed her leaving the island to find a teacher to expand her knowledge on how to use and control her magic. She wanted to help more people without growing as exhausted as she had. But her parents always rejected the idea, saying it was too dangerous or they couldn't afford for her to travel. With her desire for knowledge and adventure growing everyday, Yan-mei found comfort in her Fanalis caretaker, Maru. Maru had been with Yan-mei since she was a child, and while she was technically a slave to her parents, Maru was treated like a family member. Maru assisted Yan-mei in everything from dressing, to cooking, to heavy lifting. Maru, seeing that Yan-mei would not grow as a magician if she stayed, talked with her parents and convinced them that Yan-mei could travel with her and Maru would do everything in her power to protect her. After long discussions, Yan-mei was allowed to leave as long as she put study before adventure. 
Not long after Yan-mei and Maru left, the curse fell over Tairaad. The pair had only made it to the capital city when they were evacuated and had to find refuge in another country. The disaster that spread across Tairaad held some sort of familiar feeling for Yan-mei and she vowed to return to find out what it is. For a few months, the pair lived in Isurea. Maru taking whatever job she could get and Yan-mei taking care of other refugees with her healing magic. During these months, Yan-mei had learned of her other element. A darker element that cause destruction much like the disaster in Tairaad. The idea of destruction scared her and now more than ever she wished to find someone who could help her understand. 
Upon returning to Tairaad after the events, Yan-mei discovered her parents had died. With no idea where the rest of her family was and people slowly returning to Tairaad, Yan-mei is left feeling lost. But with Maru by her side, the two will venture out in hopes of finding someone who can teach Yan-mei as well as help Yan-mei find whatever she feels is calling her. 


Listening to or singing music
Eating fruit
Watching people dance

People to be forceful with her
People being cruel to their slaves

Other Info:
Gloves are ombre, fading from clear to black at the hands.
The tips of her fingers are stained black from her curse magic.
Yan-mei has two left feet (she can't dance well)


Lynn Konrad
United States
Current Residence: Home?
Tagged by athorment :iconathorment:

Okay so happy holidays (etc.) everyone. First of all I don't expect anything from anyone, it would be nice, but I wouldn't be upset if you just over look this journal... I almost did.. sorry. Anyway thanks for the tag.

1) If its not to much i would really like some art of my characters, any of them. I would love to see everyone cute and awesome art styles the holiday season.

2) Maybe a super fantastic pic of all the lost boy… ((sorry i dont know how to link things better..)), maybe doing so fun holiday stuff or winter group things.

3) I would like to see a few more peoples list, I have the hardest time finding thing....

4) And finally have a good winter, keep warm, and stay safe.

Well, thats all I can think of, so thanks for this... I will tag :iconghostlyboytoy: :iconnerdycherry: :iconkitten-kit: :iconflabbyviper: :iconasakid1: And anyone else that wants to do it. Thanks Everyone.

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