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New Year New Love?

A late New Years picture of Roland and Brooke. They are a possible ship in the future. Also I accidently made Brooke too tall ;-; 

Brooke owned by :icondee-bunny-79:
Roland owned by me

I used an app on my phone that let me give the picture a border. the app is PhotoCollage if you want to look it up or what not.
Magi ooc
This is just a bunch of random art. A lot of the draw your squad stuff, but still totally random. this all just art of some of the people yan-mei has met since I joined.

Yan-mei is me
Zeev is :iconrevans-rubber-duckie:
Ryuusei is :iconinfinitystar:
Ruhani is :iconanaliss:
Erazia is :iconlemonlolly16:
Rp with  dee-bunny-79

Roland and Brooke.

Brooke let out a puff of air after serving another table. Surfside's Paradise was busier today than usual. Probably because of how cold it was outside and how comfortably warm it was inside.

Whatever the reason, the water mouse found herself hard at work with the other servers. It was just lucky for her that she wasn't alone or else this kind of situation would leave her a bit stressed. At least her break was coming up soon.


Roland sat in one of the chairs at his desk in the security room, it was private enough for him to not to get overwhelmed with the new job. He had been watching the cameras all morning, watching people as they came in and out of the building.

He yawned stretching back in his seat. It was just about time for his break, so he stood up and walked to the door. 

Entering the hall he walked over to the front looking over the main room. There were people all over the place. He gave a deep sigh maybe he can get a juice from his friend without to much interaction. 


Letting out another puff of air, Brooke punched out for her break. She stopped off at her locker and grabbed her lunch as well as a notebook before heading back out.

The Marill looked around a bit. It would be a little difficult to find an available spot with how busy it was but she was sure she could find one. Finally spotting one close to the juice bar, Brooke headed for it and sat down.


Receiving his drink from the bar he moved away from the oncoming crowd. He took a few steps away standing at what seemed to be the only table in the room that was unoccupied by any customers. 

Roland placed his juice on the table for a moment as he removed his blazer, it was far too warm for him inside today. He let out another yawn as he began to fold his coat over his arm.


Brooke had just finished unpacking her lunch when she heard what sounded like a glass being set down on the table. Confused, She looked up to see who had the same idea she had. Her eyes widened at what she saw.

It was a Teddiursa and he was tall. Being only 5' 4" herself, the Marill felt even smaller next to him. It was hard not to feel just a little intimidated.

She snapped out of it when she realized that she was probably being a bit rude. Clearing her throat, the mouse girl looked up at the man again.

"Excuse me, sir. Would you like for me to move somewhere else?"


Hearing someone talk to him, he searched for the voice. Finally landing his eyes down on a young marill, 'Had this girl been here that whole time? Dang...' he looked over her absently.

It took him a moment to remember she had said something to him. "Oh! What? I'm sorry, what did you say?" he asked give one of his perfected fake smiles. 


'Why do I get the feeling that smile is just a little too forced? Brooke wondered before answering him.

"I asked if you would like me to move somewhere else," She told him, "You seem like you wanted a bit of space so if you wanted me to find another table, I'd be okay with that."


"Ah.. Um.. No, that is alright. You don't need to move, I hadn't planned to stay. My apologies." the teddiursa explained his response to the young lady. 

He gave her a dismissive nod before he picked up drink, "I shall leave you to your meal. Good afternoon." he finish the interaction with a softer smile. 'well, I need to check out for lunch, sigh.'


Brooke blinked before nodding back.

"Alright. If you're sure." And with that, the Marill took one half of the sandwich she had before opening her notebook.


Roland acknowledged the girls nod and walked away. 'That was.. Interesting. But I guess it is for the best.'

The teddiursa checked out grabbed his lunch from his locker an left out the back door heading to his car where he sat and ate his salad.


Brooke tapped her chin with her pen thoughtfully. She had finished her lunch after a while and decided to spend the rest of her break writing more of her book. However, this was easier said than done and the Marill was currently drawing a blank on what to write next.

Releasing a sigh, Brooke stood up and grabbed the garbage from her lunch. She eventually spotted a trash can and, upon noticing that it was almost full, threw her trash in and took out the bag. Lifting the bag with a grunt, the water mouse carried it to the back.

As she placed the bag into the dumpster, Brooke began to sing to herself a bit. The song? Cab Calloway's version of St. James Infirmary Blues.


He finished his lunch quickly and silently. Letting the cool breeze flow into his car through the open door. 

Roland hadn't planned what he was going to do other than relax during his break, so he set his bowl in the empty passengers seat. He reclined his seat and let his eyes fall shut.

It hadn't been to long of a rest when he heard someone singing. The teddiursa opened one eye thinking he may left his car on, but the radio was not the source of the song.

He sat up and looked around the area and saw the young marill girl from earlier by the dumpster. Is she the one singing?'


Brooke sang a bit louder. Figuring that since it was her break and no one was out back, the Marill reasoned that no one would hear her.

She smiled a little as she sang each verse. The waitress had long remembered the song and enjoyed singing it. Even if the lyrics themselves were actually a bit morbid. But, hey, Cab Calloway was a classic jazz singer and just about all his songs were catchy. So, she'd sing them regardless.

Turning around to head back in, Brooke noticed something out of the corner of her eye. She turned more to see better before blushing a bit in embarrassment.

That Teddiursa from earlier was sitting in his car, or at least she assumed it was his. He had seen her and heard her singing. And what's more, she had probably disturbed him while he was on his break. It was very embarrassing to her.

Blushing harder, the girl bowed to him in apology and headed inside. Brooke decided to splash her face with water while she washed her hands. Maybe that would help cool her face a bit.


He gave a absent nod as he watched the marill girl return into the building,'hm, I guess I scared her off. Too bad, she wasn't a bad singer. Oh well.' 

Roland sighed as he realized he would have to head back in soon since his break was nearing its end. Grabbing his now empty drink he got out of the car and through it in the dumpster before returning indoors as well.

As he walked past the main room he stopped. The teddiursa took this time to look around the room, wondering if the blue haired girl was here still.


Brooke finished washing her hands and dried them off. Once they were completely dry, she turned around and walked into the main room. The waitress froze again when she noticed the Teddiursa just walking in.

'Calm down, Brooke.' She took a deep breath and began to walk towards the table she originally sat at, 'Just get to the table, grabbed your notebook, and head back to the back to punch back in for work. Don't make a big deal out of this and maybe he won't even know your here.'


The teddiursa smirked as his eyes fell on the marill girl head back to her table, but raised a brow when he saw her picking up her things. 'hm.. Does she work her? I wonder, maybe she's on her break.' he thought to himself, sighing he moved towards the time stamps. 

Roland would needed to clock in soon, though he could just wait the last five minutes and read on his phone. So the tall scruffy bear leaned on the wall next to the stamps with a yawn and looked at his phone. 'What's to read..?'


Brooke could swear that, if this was an anime, she'd be breaking out into one of those comical nervous sweats.

'Is this going to be a regular thing now?' The water mouse thought as she did her best to calm down.

She clutched her notebook to her chest and took a deep breath. Walking past the Teddiursa who seemed to be paying more attention to his phone, she put her notebook in her locker. Brooke then walked up to the time stamps and looked for hers. So far so good...


Not lifting he's head or making any sudden movements, he looked up from his phone to the marill girl that had approached. Now would probably he the only time he would have to speak with her.

  He slowly turned his head to her, "Hello." He stood straight after removing himself from the wall and facing her full on. He felt it rude to not face the people to whom to speak.

 "I would like to apologize, again.. I fear I might have scared you off earlier. When you were singing outside." Roland put some emphasis on the word singing, ending his comment with another of his charmed smiles.


Brooke jumped slightly in surprise. Taking another deep breath, she turned to look at the man. Standing so close to him, the Marill noticed just how tall he was compared to her.

'This is one of those times I wish I was a bit taller.' Upon hearing his comment about her singing, She blushed slightly.

"Oh, no. You don't have to apologize," Brooke assured him with a smile of her own, "If anything, I should apologize to you. I saw you taking your break outside and I thought that I might have disturbed you. And I was also a bit embarrassed that I had an unintended audience."


Roland smile flattered when he caught sight of the shorter young girls blush, but he kept it as polite as possible. It should have been easy to ignore it, but there was something about her that messed with him. 'Have I bothered her again... Hmph!

He shoved his phone deep into his pocket looking away from her. "There is no need for any apologize, you had obviously not noticed me.." he told her quietly.

The teddiursa was silent for a moment, then he turned back to his co-worker. "Well as for the singing, there's no need to be embarrassed, your not bad." he gave a reassuring nod.


Brooke blinked at that comment. Once it sunk in though, she smiled modestly.

"Thank you for the compliment," She said with an appreciative bow of her head, "I just like to sing songs that I like. That one was one of my favorites even if the lyrics themselves are actually pretty morbid."


The teddiursa watched her bow, raising a brow at the action. He released a short laugh, "Well, yeah, St. James Infirmary Blues. is a bit morbid if you think about it." He had recognized the song she had sang. It was a good one, he even had it on his phone. 

Roland glanced up at the clock. It was finally time for him to check in. "Excuse me." So he reached passed her and pulled his card and stamped it before returning it to the empty slot. 

Moving back to his original spot he realized the had yet to introduce himself. "Crap.. Uh, I'm sorry. I have been so rude. I haven't introduced myself. I am Roland, the new security guard. It's a pleasure to meet you." he extended his dominate hand to the girl.


Brooke smiled and let out a little chuckle.

"It's alright. I was just as rude." She gently took his bigger hand and gave it a shake, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Roland. My name is Brooke."


"A pleasure, Brooke. I look forward to any and all future conversation between us." he returned the shake with a firm grip. Roland then released the marill's hand, the crossed his arms.

He look from her to the time stamps, "You should probably check it too." he back away to give her some room. "I should return to work myself. Have a good day." he gave her a dismissive nod before turning around to walk to the security room.


Brooke smiled as he left.

'He's a little intimidating but he's also pretty nice. I hope that I do see him again.' And with that thought in mind, the mouse girl punched her card and went back to work.

(((The end)))

Roland and Brooke Rp
Roland in mine.
Brooke is :icondee-bunny-79:

It's an Rp.

Dee-bunny-79 wrote a story Brooke and i wrote as Roland. Ps I have never posted and rp before so sorry if I am doing something's wrong.
Old friends?
It's been so long but, Stiles is super happy to see a friendly and familiar face around. 
Edvard = Mialee-Shaveer 
Stiles and Roland are mine babies. <3


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Okay so happy holidays (etc.) everyone. First of all I don't expect anything from anyone, it would be nice, but I wouldn't be upset if you just over look this journal... I almost did.. sorry. Anyway thanks for the tag.

1) If its not to much i would really like some art of my characters, any of them. I would love to see everyone cute and awesome art styles the holiday season.

2) Maybe a super fantastic pic of all the lost boy… ((sorry i dont know how to link things better..)), maybe doing so fun holiday stuff or winter group things.

3) I would like to see a few more peoples list, I have the hardest time finding thing....

4) And finally have a good winter, keep warm, and stay safe.

Well, thats all I can think of, so thanks for this... I will tag :iconghostlyboytoy: :iconnerdycherry: :iconkitnkt: :iconflabbyviper: :iconasakid1: And anyone else that wants to do it. Thanks Everyone.



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